1950s picture of a portable dishwasher

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

Odds are, you use your coffee maker every day. But you only clean it . . . what? Once or twice a year? That’s pretty gross. Clean your coffee maker already, and stop drinking limescale and months-old bean residue. No excuses: the all-natural method outlined in this article makes it easy.

How to Clean a Dishwasher

You’d think dishwashers would be self-cleaning, and they are, sort of. All that hot water and detergent sloshing around generally does keep gunk and stains from building up. But dishwashers work better and last longer if they’re cleaned periodically to remove grease and mineral buildup from their various spraying and draining parts. Also, cleaning will remove the pink residue that high-iron water has. This article teaches you how to clean a dishwasher with common household products.

How to Clean an Iron

Back in my college days, when I earned a meager living cleaning hotel rooms, I learned to regard hotel irons with suspicion. Some people treat hotel rooms with callous disrespect, and these people occasionally pour liquids other than water into the water reservoirs in steam irons. Because it’s fun, I guess? Anyway, even in less extreme situations, irons do occasionally need to be cleaned. This article can teach you how.