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How to Clean an Auto Battery

Sometimes you may run into power problems. Nothing ruins a roadtrip like some hiccups in the tunes. Luckily, that small issue can be tackled by cleaning up your auto battery. This guide walks you through the process to ensure that your good times driving don’t suffer from power outages.

How to Clean a Car

I only clean my car once or twice a year, but on those rare occasions, I do it right. You’d be surprised how a decade-old Jeep can sparkle, both inside and out. I also try to clean my car with an awareness of how the task can impact the environment. This article outlines my methods, from eco-friendly and homemade cleaners to techniques for minimizing water waste.

How to Clean Headlights

If your car’s headlights are noticeably dirty, you’d be wise not to procrastinate cleaning them. In dark conditions, headlights are often your only means of seeing the road and making sure other drivers see you, and grungy headlights do both things less well. Don’t worry, though: headlight cleaning is quick and easy. And if you use our methods, you won’t even have to buy any special cleaners.

How to Clean Car Seats

Kids, pets, and McDonald’s runs can take a toll on the seats in your car. Even minus all of those factors, just the sheer number of hours most of us spend sitting in our cars every week tends to grime the seats up after a while. So car seats need to be cleaned now and then. This article includes methods for cleaning upholstered, leather, vinyl, and children’s car seats.