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How to Clean Leather

From recliners and purses to dominatrix garb, the method for cleaning leather is pretty much always the same as long as it’s finished leather–the waterproof stuff with a slight sheen. The method is also more straightforward than you probably think. If you use this article as a guide, chances are good that you even have all the cleaners you need at home already.

How to Clean Shoes

So there’s dirt on your kicks. It’s to be expected, I suppose, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be unhappy about it. Or that you can’t do something about it. This article is an overview of effective techniques for cleaning all kinds of shoes: leather, canvas, suede, satin, and shoes that started out gleaming white. It also offers tips for eliminating odors from your shoes.

How to Clean Uggs

Uggs are too expensive to replace every time they start to look dingy, so it’s smart to clean them instead. When that time comes, you could fork over some of your hard-earned money to the dry cleaner on the corner with a “We clean Uggs!” sign in the window, or you can bust out the elbow grease and take a crack at cleaning them yourself, using all-natural household products and the instructions in this article. You should invest in a suede brush, though, if you want to do it right.