How to Clean a DVD

DVDs don’t work by magic; they work by means of a laser beam that’s reflected off the shiny surface of the disc into an optical device that reads the pattern of microscopic indentations in the disc. Okay, it’s almost magic. The point is, if the reflective surface is covered in fingerprints and soda splatters, the DVD is rendered unreadable. Clean your unreadable DVDs using one of the safe methods in this article.

How to Clean a CD

Like DVDs, CDs tend to skip or stall when they’re dirty. Sometimes, even practically invisible bits of dust are enough to compromise the player’s ability to read the disc. For a smooth listening experience every time, handle and store your CDs carefully. And when that fails, follow the method outlined in this article to gently shine them up again.

How to Clean a Keyboard

Computer keyboards have a special way of making us realize we aren’t as clean as we’d like to think. That gray layer of oil and dirt from our hands. The mats of dust and crumbs wedged between the keys. No wonder black is becoming the standard color for keyboards. But camouflaged filth is still filth, and even dark-colored keyboards should be cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Be smart about it, though, and follow the instructions in this article; they’re safe for you and your keyboard.