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Basic Furniture Cleaning Tips

Wood, upholstery, leather, suede, microfiber. How you clean your furniture depends largely on what it’s made of, and this article puts all the alternatives in one convenient place. It even covers the best way to get that bird crap off your patio furniture.

How to Clean Suede

As far as furniture (or shoes, jackets, purses, etc.) is concerned, suede is perhaps the trickiest of all to clean once it’s been soiled. The steam cleaner simply isn’t an option. Suede brushes, erasers, and sandpaper, on the other hand, may be just what the doctor ordered. Intrigued? Thought you would be.

How to Clean Microfiber

Microfiber is one of those rare fabrics that can be every bit as luxurious as it is sensible. It’s soft, squishy, durable, stain resistant, and fairly good at repelling liquids. But even this magical wonder fabric needs the occasional scrub-down. If you read the advice given in this article, you’ll learn how to do it safely and effectively.

How to Clean Upholstery

Upholstery stains, whether detectable by black light or not, don’t have to be a huge chore. In many cases, all you need is a touch of water, a little dish soap, and a few other items you’ve already got around the house. In the meantime, try to refrain from telling your company just what it is that they’re actually sitting on.