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How to Clean Windows

Wouldn’t it be nice to just see what’s outside the window instead of those hand and mouth prints left over on the glass from when your nephew was puffing his cheeks up against it last June? We can even teach you how to clean glass naturally, without chemicals, since he’ll probably have his lips against the glass again before you know it. And let’s face it, if he starts foaming at the mouth from whatever you sprayed on there, it’s just gonna make cleaning the windows all that much harder next time.

How to Clean Blinds

Because most window blinds are inexpensive, many people choose to throw dirty ones away and buy new. I find this appalling. Aside from being lazy, it’s ridiculously wasteful. Cleaning blinds, be they the cheap kind or the expensive ones, is really quite easy. I can promise you it won’t be fun, but it goes pretty quickly and we can teach you to do it using natural cleaning products.

How to Clean Mold

If you’re tired of trying to convince yourself that the black smudge spreading across your basement walls is nothing more than dirt and the runny nose and difficulty breathing you’ve been dealing with for the past year is just an allergic reaction to the stray cat that wanders through your yard a couple times a week, you’ve come to the right place. We won’t judge you here. But we will teach you how to clean mold naturally, which works just as well as with those toxic chemicals.