A guitar that is on fire that will need cleaning

How to Clean Drums

Imagine if you got hit in your face every day of your life…you’d be pretty dirty. Imagine how a drum set feels. That’s the purpose of this article: to help you clean your drums and ensure their usability for years to come.

How to Clean Cymbals

Hand in hand with the above article, cymbals are known to clash and bang and get dirty right quick. This article helps you clean them and points you towards products to keep them shiny.

How to Clean a Guitar

Your guitar, after all the practice you’ve put on it, may be looking a little worse for wear. This guide helps you find the proper ways and means to make it shiny again, so you can rock out to the best of your ability.

How to Clean an Upright Piano

If you’ve got an upright piano hanging around, or just got one from the discount church sale, it likely needs cleaning. This guide will help!