Personal Care

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How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Try not to think too hard about this while you’re getting ready for work, especially if your gag reflex is sensitive in the morning, but makeup brushes are gross. Traces of makeup cling to them–that’s obvious–but so do dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. After a while, they actually start to smell; that’s the bacteria. Motivated to clean your makeup brushes now? Use one of the gentle, effective, and all-natural methods in this article.

How to Clean Your Ears

Get that cotton swab out of your ear. You can safely clean wayward wax with a washcloth dipped in warm, soapy water; any more intrusive method puts you at risk of injury (no, really–my mom ruptured her eardrum with a cotton swab when the steam from the shower set off our smoke detector) and may actually pack wax down inside your ear. Which is counterproductive. If you’re already a victim of impacted earwax, this article can walk you through some safe methods for softening and removing it.

How to Clean Your System

To the extent that you are what you eat (and drink and smoke), filling your body with garbage just implies a lack of self-respect. Sure, it feels good at the time, but all those chemicals and empty calories are bound to catch up with you eventually. If you’re starting to feel the need for a full-body cleanse, please clean your system responsibly. This article explains some healthy ways to . . . well . . . get healthy.