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How to Clean a Fish Tank

The arguments for cleaning a fish tank are, for the most part, the same arguments that (hopefully) keep you from peeing in the tub. The main difference is that you soaking in your own urine is just gross. Fish soaking in their own urine, however, is deadly. An excess of ammonia and nitrites in your fish tank water can quickly turn a beautiful, relaxing aquarium into toxic box of death.

How to Clean Dog Urine

Whether your best friend is young and undisciplined, old and incontinent, or passed out drunk on the floor, it’s probably time to trade him/her in for a dog. True, dogs can’t come pick you up from the bar if you’ve had a few too many, and they’re not real good at doing household chores, but hey, neither was your human friend…and dogs won’t steal your snacks from the fridge. Anyway, you already know this, and now you need to know how to clean up the messes left by your canine companion. So please do your nose a favor, read this article, and get to it.

How to Clean Dog Ears

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about dog ownership, it’s that it requires way more work than I ever expected. True, unless there’s an infection, dogs’ ears don’t need to be cleaned all that often, but an occasional cleaning is important for the overall health of your pet. And if you can get your dog to cooperate, it’s actually fairly easy to do. The most important thing to remember when cleaning your dog’s ears is that it could be worse; you could be cleaning its anal glands.