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How to Clean Rust

First things first: put down the bleach. There are a lot of ways to clean rust stains from surfaces and fabrics, but that’s not one of them. What you need is an acid–preferably a natural one that’s just strong enough to dissolve the rust, not so over-the-top caustic that it also eats through your fingertips, your sinuses, and the object you’re trying to clean. We’ve got some ideas; check out this article.

How to Clean a Carpet Stain

As floor coverings go, carpet has some inherent disadvantages. Exactly what they are may vary depending on whom you ask and the intensity of their feelings for (or against) carpet, but most of us will agree on this one: stains. What happens on carpet stays on carpet. That is, unless you know a trick or two. And boy, do we ever. Read this article to learn our effective and all-natural methods for cleaning carpet stains.

How to Clean Urine

I don’t know who did it, and frankly, I don’t care. You have a urine stain to clean up, and whether your dog’s getting senile, your toddler was streaking through the living room, or someone told a pregnant woman a joke doesn’t make a bit of difference to your next course of action. This article offers several effective methods for cleaning urine and its distinctive odor from all the usual places–carpet, upholstery, linoleum, clothing, and mattresses–using natural household products.