Though we try to preach very little, we do believe that it’s time to take housekeeping out of the 50s and into the 21st Century.

Harmful chemicals and inorganic solvents are no longer needed to clean things. In fact, they never were. Baking soda, lemon juice, citric acid, and vinegar are just a few of the natural household products we use.


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How to Clean an Auto Battery

Sometimes your car needs power, but there’s no electrical juice to keep your sweet amps running. In that case, it’s time to check the battery terminals and get ’em cleaned up nice and purty. Otherwise, how will you shake the parking lot?

How to Clean a Guitar

If your guitar is filty then PICK up this guide…hahahahaha! Get it? A guitar pun! Fret not! AHAHAHA another one! Seriously though, your guitar is dirty. Clean it with these tips.

How to Clean Drums

We’re starting up a new article category with this one, it’s enough to make us want to bang some drums. Musical instruments of all types, like drums, need cleaning too. For the best cleaning tips for drums, read this article!

How to Clean Desks

Sometimes to clean a desk you need to start right at the top and work your way down through the drawers. Our guide will help you get organized before hand. Remember an organized cleaning plan is most of the time the best cleaning plan!